Recycling targets unlikely for Welsh councils

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Figures suggest that only 7 out of 22 council have met the recycling rate target of 58%

Recently released figures show that in the second quarter of 2015/16 only seven out of the 22 Welsh councils achieved the required 58% recycling target which has been set for 2016.

The figures which were released by the Welsh Government on February 18 shows that the recycling rate of municipal waste from September 2014 to September 2015 increased by 2% compared with the same period of the previous year; the average rate of reuse, recycling and composting of municipal waste for the last year rose to 57%.

Welsh councils could fail 58% recycling rate in year 2015/16

Only 7 out of 22 council’s met the recycling rate of 58% in the second quarter of 2015/16

The Statutory Recycling Targets (SRT) that have been set by the Welsh Government are due to rise steadily over the next eight years; the government hopes that its ‘Towards Zero Waste’ campaign will help the country successfully reach the ambitious 70% recycling rate target which has been set for the year 2024/25.

According to the latest figures, the worst recycling performer for the second quarter of 2015/16 was the Blaenau Gwent municipality, which had a recycling rate of only 49%; a decrease on the previous year’s rate of 52%. The most successful Welsh council for the second quarter was Pembrokeshire, where the recycling rate was 64%.

Overall, only 7 out of 22 councils achieved a rate of 58% or more. The statistics suggest that councils covering urban areas are finding it more challenging to meet the government’s Statutory Recycling Targets than rural councils.

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