Recycling for Schools and Children

Chapters in this book

1. Why do we recycle?
2. Recycling: Some facts and figures
3. Recycling: More facts and figures
4. All about food waste
5. Recycling ideas for schools
6. What’s global warming about?
7. Recycling at home
8. Why we need to stop using landfill
9. Fly-tipping
10. What happens to my old TV?
11. What happens to recycled glass?
12. Why can’t we just burn our rubbish?
13. Recycling and environmental ideas for the classroom
14. Things you didn’t know you can recycle
15. Tips for living green
16. Can we get solar power?
17. Q&A with a refuse collector
18. Recycling drink cans
19. Recycling steel cans
20. Paper recycling
21. Fun recycling facts for kids
22. Facts about landfil
23. How to reduce waste in Schools