Recycle your pumpkins please – say Council

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Did you hear about the councils who are asking people to recycle their Halloween pumpkins? Thought not – but it’s true.

There is nothing at all spooky about the request. In fact, it makes a great deal of sense in a day and age when we are being told to recycle all out waste and care for the environment.

When you consider that just one pumpkin weighs around three kilograms, and thousands of them have been a lantern-style feature illuminating the trick-or-treat excursions of countless ghosts and witches, that is an awful lot of additional waste.

Croydon council have, therefore, come up with, as Baldrick might have said, a ‘cunning plan’. They have been urging residents in their neck of the woods to re-use the pumpkins. Using the tag-line of ‘love food, hate waste’, the council have suggested that,  rather than just throwing the pumpkin away after using it as a lantern, people should make use of the seeds and flesh, which can be included as part of different recipes in food preparation.

It is understood that other councils have decided to follow suit.

They, too, have warmed to the notion that good food should not just be thrown away, as it could cause problems further down the line in the landfill operation.

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