Radioactive Waste Management

Business Waste Collection Bins

Under UK law, radioactive waste must be disposed of and handled with extreme care and caution.

It is a criminal offence for an organisation which produces radioactive waste to dispose of it in a unsafe or inappropriate manner. Radioactive waste can seriously damage the environment, human health and animals should it come into contact with any of them.

As an employer you must ensure that any radioactive waste that your business produces has been disposed of properly using appropriate radioactive waste management. We can provide you with radioactive waste management providers who are qualified to handle your commercial radioactive waste.

Managing Your Radioactive Waste

Radioactive wastes are any wastes which contain radioactive material. We can provide your business with a range of services to help you manage your radioactive waste, including:

Efficient radioactive waste management
Waste audits & plans
Radioactive waste collection services
Radioactive disposal
A supply of radioactive safe containers to store waste

Because of the harmful nature of radioactive waste, it must be isolated and confined in appropriate disposal facilities so that it can naturally decay. We can supply you with the facilities that you require, in order to become fully compliant with the law on radioactive waste management.

Our specialists are fully up-to-date with the relevant radioactive waste regulations. We can ensure that any radioactive that your business produces is stored, collected and disposed of in a safe and correct manner.

Radioactive Waste Collection

Our radioactive waste collection services are available across the whole of the UK and can ensure that every business we work with has appropriate radioactive waste management.

We strategically plan our waste collection routes, enabling us to provide our clients with fast, frequent and reliable radioactive waste collection. Whether your business produces large quantities of radioactive waste and requires daily or weekly collections, or if you only have small amounts which may require monthly collections, we are here to help. Because of the flexible service we provide, we can accommodate for all of your radioactive waste requirements.

For safe, reliable and flexible radioactive waste collection, Business Waste is your perfect partner.

To discuss the different radioactive waste services that we provide, and how we can help your business implement an efficient radioactive waste management system, contact our team of helpful advisers today. We are happy to answer any queries that you may have and we can also offer you a free quote on our services. So call us today on 0800 211 83 90.