Portsmouth City Council shares recycling tips

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Following the revelation that recycling rates have fallen, the council has shared it recycling tips

New figures from Portsmouth City Council reveal that the district’s recycling rate has taken a step in the wrong direction, despite the ever-haunting presence of EU recycling targets.

As a result of the bad news, campaigners have called on Portsmouth City Council to revitalise its ‘going green’ efforts and prioritise waste management issues.

The figures suggest that the recycling rate has been dropping for the previous five years and that Portsmouth is the worst recycling performer in West Sussex and Hampshire. Flick Drummond, Portsmouth South MP, described the revelation as a “wake-up call”.

The council has shared some of its best recycling tips to encourage residents to their bit:

  1. All plastic bottles can be recycled. If it’s a bottle container and it’s plastic, you can recycle it!
  2. Keep a separate recycling bin in your house. This makes ‘going green’ less of an hassle as you won’t have to keep nipping out to your recycling bin.
  3. Don’t throw plastic bags into your recycling bin and don’t place containers inside one another.
  4. Aerosol cans (deodorants, air-fresheners) can be recycled with other metals, including cans.
  5. Make a weekly menu and only buy as much food as you need; if you buy too much, consider donating it to a charity food bank. “Just enough and not too much” is the key to reducing food waste.
  6. If you have any unwanted items (such as electronics, clothing, toys, books) take them to a local charity shop instead of throwing them away.
  7. Work recycling into your daily routine; it will become second-nature.
  8. If you’re ever unsure about what is or isn’t recycle, check your council’s website. It will provide you with all the recycling information that you’ll ever need.

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