North Devon residents urged to recycle their foil mince pie tins

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A ‘green Christmas’ is what the people of North Devon want this year – so don’t forget to recycle

The people of North Devon are being urged to remember that the foil tins on their mince pies are recyclable – so don’t forget to put them in the correct bin ready for collection.

A ‘green Christmas’ is what the people of North Devon are hoping for this year, so households are being urged to keep recycling over the festive season.

Recycle Devon says that Christmas is a busy time for most people and recycling could take a back seat but with the season comes more waste than normal, so they’re asking for people to remember to recycle everything that can be recycled this Christmas.

 A 'green Christmas' is what the people of North Devon want this year - so don't forget to recycle

Don’t forget your Christmas tree is 100% recyclable and put those mince pie foil tins in the recycling bin! © Copyright Richard Hoare

Glass jars and bottles are perfect for recycling, along with our mince pie foil tins – by simply remembering to recycle just six mince pie foil tins, you can save enough energy to watch one episode of your preferred TV soap.

When having family and friends over this Christmas, make a point of telling them where your recycling bins are and what can go in them and please remember, that your freezer is your best friend.

Any leftover food, such as meats, bread and cheese can be put in the freezer rather than going to waste. According to Unilever, we throw away around 4 million Christmas dinners every year in the UK.

You can once again recycle your Christmas cards after the festive season at M&S stores throughout the UK, from January 2 to January 31. Their special card collection bins will be waiting for your old unwanted cards, or you could recycle them yourself by turning them into gift tags ready for next year!

And don’t forget the Christmas tree if you chose a real one this year – they’re 100% recyclable and can be put out for kerbside collection, or shredded and turned into compost by yourself.

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