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Nursing home waste is not that dissimilar from the kind of waste that can accumulate in your home, but the quantities of what develops as well as the increased risk from the inclusion of medical waste mean you leave yourself open to more widescale issues. We can walk you through the procedure of disposing of waste safely and efficiently.

Care Home Waste Collections

What type of waste does a nursing home produce?

A nursing home can be quite diverse when it comes to waste. Forms of waste include:

Of all the waste types, the most common type found in a nursing home is mixed waste. While most waste generated at these facilities is not hazardous, there are stricter rules regarding disposal, especially compared to household waste.

Nursing home waste disposal

All storage and disposal procedures for hazardous materials are set out by a variety of acts, including the Environmental Protection Act 1990, the Special Waste Regulation Act 1996 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH).

Failure to adhere to these proceedings could result in fines and/or prison sentences. And given the duty of care to look after elderly residents
it is vital to dispose of used medications correctly and make sure they are not mixed up with non-expired medications.

You should separate them into a tamper-proof container rather than dispose of them through the sewage system. When it comes to the sharps (needles, syringes or lancets), there is an increased risk of laceration or infection. But there are plastic containers you can buy which are designed to hold sharps and avoid punctures. It should be noted that about 80% of the waste from nursing care homes is made up of Municipal Solid Waste and this can be placed in your typical rubbish bins.

What happens to nursing home and care home waste when it is collected?

The Municipal Solid Waste can be carted away alongside all of your other rubbish. The only time you need to be worried about this side of the disposal is if you’ve mixed in any non-MSW into those bins. Pharmaceuticals that have either expired or not been used should ideally be returned to the pharmacy or you will need a specialist collection. As your waste disposal contractor we will be able to give you some guidance on this front.

Considering you’re charged with the safety of vulnerable patients, waste disposal should not be a trial and error scenario. But by following these steps and having a structured waste disposal system in place, you won’t have to worry about that.

How should you dispose of controlled drugs in a care home with nursing in England?

Controlled drugs refers to types of medicines that must be safely administered, stored or disposed of. This is because they have the potential to be dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands – they could be misused or sold illegally, for example.

Care and nursing homes in England often handle lots of different drugs and medications, to ensure they properly care for each of their patients. However, for numerous reasons, they are also responsible for ensuring the drugs are properly disposed of.

You may need to dispose of medication for the following reasons:

    – Patient death (Drugs can only be given to whom they were prescribed too)
    – Drugs past expiry date
    – Changes in treatment.

You can keep track of what medicine needs to be disposed of and when by ensuring your records are up to date. When opening controlled drugs, check their expiry date and how long they remain useful when open.

The process of disposing of drugs is straightforward – they simply need to be returned to the supplier – such as a local pharmacy or doctors surgery who will dispose of them officially. It is important to note that they should not be thrown away with general rubbish.

We are able to help you with any type of specialist waste disposal which might be produced by your nursing or care establishment, including confidential waste which is disposed of responsibly and with all due care.

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