Nursing and care homes

Business Waste Collection Bins

Business Waste recognises the sensitive needs of the nursing and care industry, and offers waste management services that save money and provide a high level of service and advice.

We can advise on all aspects of social care waste management, from wash room services, hazardous waste, clinical waste, food waste to general and recycling.

Care Home Waste Disposal

Whatever the size of your your home, we offer services to fit your establishment’s needs, from straight-forward bin collections to multiple containers that reflect your recycling and disposal needs.

We’re also sensitive to the timing of collections and will make arrangements that cause the least disturbance to residents and patients, we operate 7 days a week in most areas of the UK.

Nursing Home Waste Disposal

Our knowledge of waste management and regulations means we are able to offer advice on effective recycling that saves money and ensure that you are fully compliant.

We are able to help you with any type of specialist waste disposal which might be produced by your nursing or care establishment, including confidential waste which is disposed of responsibly and with all due care.

Business Waste LTD is fully committed to help your business run smoothly and with the minimum of disruption, and without putting a dent in profits.

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