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North Somerset residents to see new recycling changes introduced

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Changes include new bins to recycle waste, garden waste sacks replaced by a wheelie-bin and tip permits

Residents throughout North Somerset, will in the near future, have a new bin to use for their recycling waste and may have to apply for a permit if they want to visit a rubbish tip.

North Somerset Council has also decided to get rid of green waste sacks, which will be replaced with a wheelie-bin. They also plan to start food waste collections for those living in blocks of flats.

North Somerset council to change residential waste services

North Somerset council to change residential waste services

The council says that the proposed changes are being planned to save money and to help improve the recycling rate in the area.

The new recycling bins, which will be free of charge for residents, will come in two colours. One colour bin will probably be used for tins, plastic bottles and cardboard and the other coloured bin used for glass and paper. This system will be a great help to the collection team who will not have to do as much sorting out whilst on their way round.

Residents will have to pay £20 for the new garden waste bin but the collection will be free of charge. Some councils do charge householders for garden waste collections. However, the council says that in special circumstances, the green sack will be still available but will be reduced in size.

Currently, North Somerset Council collects 100,000 tonnes of waste, including household waste, green waste and recycling, every year.

At the moment, it costs North Somerset Council £105 for each tonne of household waste that goes to landfill. The council believes that around 40% of household waste could be recycled, which could save them £1m per year.

If the plans are given the go ahead by councillors, the new contract and changes will come into place in March 2017.

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