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From August 22, small electrical appliances and other items will be acceptable for kerbside recycling collections

North Devon Council are reminding residents about the fact that they will be able to recycle a whole host of new items from August 22.

Small electrical appliances, such as kettles, hairdryers and irons, plus other items, such as household batteries, will be acceptable for kerbside recycling collections. Residents are allowed to recycling anything on the list, so long as the items are no larger than a carrier bag.

Items acceptable for kerbside collection include:

Councillor Rodney Cann, Executive Member for the Environment, said: “This is another step forward in enhancing our weekly recycling service in North Devon.”

Councillor Cann also said that these new improvements to the recycling service, will help the council to meet their 50% recycling rate by 2020, as long as residents makes full use of the services that are available to them. Cllr Cann added that further improvements will be introduced to their services during the coming months.

Residents will be asked to place any of the items on the list in their recycling box but they must be placed into a carrier bag first, so that they are kept separate from other items.

Any resident wanting a second recycling box, can ask for one by calling 01271 374776, or via the website at:

Items that cannot be collected by the kerbside, such as vacuum cleaners, medium to large TV’s and cookers, must still be taken to Devon County Council recycling centres.

However, North Devon Council will collect large items from the kerbside if you wish but they do charge for the service.

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