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New startup to help UK businesses deal with food waste

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Giving away food to charities is not the right way to deal with avoidable waste

A new startup, called Gander, plans on showing businesses in the UK how they have been dealing with commercial food waste issues incorrectly.

Gander is working on a new app which will allow businesses in the food retail and hospitality and catering sectors to share reductions on food products that are coming to the end of their sell-by dates.

Gander founder, Nick Horsthuis, says that this new idea will help reduce food waste within food industry businesses and will possibly attract new customers.

Food Waste startup says it can help businesses

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According to a recent study by waste reduction charity, WRAP, almost £2 billion per year is lost due to avoidable food waste. Mr Horsthuis says that the current procedure of trying to reduce this figure, by redistributing food items through charities, is a mistake.

Doing it this way does create many problems, such as concerns over food safety issues and the inefficiency of extra transportation, which could be involved in distributing the donated food waste and according to Mr Horsthuis, not all the donated waste food going to these charities is re-used.

Mr Horsthuis believes that initiatives offered to companies, such as tax breaks for those who donate waste food, are not really providing businesses with a true incentive for increased performance. He also added: “They’re simply writing off the problem as a saving and it’s now someone else’s concern.”

Mr Horsthuis believes that the best idea is to keep wasted food at the source and to bring customers to the food and this is exactly what their new app intends to do. The idea is to advertise discounts and reductions on food within a certain area which would normally be going to waste.

Gander thinks that their food waste solution will provide businesses with potentially added incentives. Users of the app may possibly make other purchases whilst there, or could even be tempted to visit a new business that they might not have tried otherwise.

Mr Horsthuis added: “If a restaurant has excess lettuce, it could price its Caesar Salad at the equivalent of a supermarket lunch and attract nearby office workers that may have otherwise never tried the place.”

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