New report criticises England’s recycling system as ‘outdated’

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Resource company claims England’s waste management is ‘not fit for purpose’

The report, produced by Viridor, a renewable energy and resources company, said that England’s recycling and waste management is based on an “outdated policy” and “outdated assumptions”.

The critical report, titled ‘Building English Resource Networks: The Aggregated Services Model’, says that England’s waste management systems’ reliance on local authority boundaries is counterproductive and that there is no focus on “the value of resources”.

Viridor released its report on January 28 at the Remunicipalisation Conference and the Resourceful Conference, which took place in the capital city. The report claimed that England’s current recycling rate of 44.8 per cent could be increased if the government adopted a ‘aggregated services model’, like the one which is being developed in Greater Manchester.

The resource network developing between the private and the public sectors in Greater Manchester is the largest in Europe and “hold[s] the prospect of boosting British business, building better regulation, improving productivity and creating up to half a million jobs”, according to Chris Jonas, the Director of Business Development at Viridor.

The report says that the current waste management system in England does not encourage a circular economy and underestimates the value of resources that could be used to boost the country’s economy.

Chris Jones commented further: “… retaining outdated policy and systems based on outdated assumptions will do little other than reinforce linear waste management systems that were designed for a bygone era…”

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