New Defra waste strategy widely criticised

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Defra’s new four-year plan has been torn apart by industry figures

A new waste strategy released by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has been savagely criticised by a number of leading organisations and associations who have said the strategy does not acknowledge a number of vital waste issues and completely ignores the waste industry.

The strategy report, titled ‘Defra: Single Departmental Plan: 2015 to 2020’, was released on February 19 and has resulted in a lot of angry backlash, including a scathing critique by Steve Lee, chief executive of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management, who said the department appears to be “utterly depleted in terms of resources, funding and vision”.

Defra's Waste Plan strongly criticised

Defra’s Waste Strategy

The latest denouncement comes from the chief executive of the Resource Association (RA), Ray Georgeson, who penned a letter to Mary Creagh MP, chair of the Environmental Audit Committee, claiming the strategy did not touch upon circular economy, EU recycling targets, or the waste industry’s role.

Mr Georgeson appears to be most concerned about Defra’s silence regarding the European Commission’s new waste legislation and circular economy (CE) package. He said that the waste industry is concerned due to the “the lack of transparency and clarity” surrounding the CE package.

The letter claimed that members from the European Commission have informed the Resource Association (RA) that “the UK Government is taking negative positions on many of the proposals”, which many people believe is “not at all speaking for significant elements of the UK industry”.

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