New data from the EA suggests landfill increase in 2015

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Latest figures from the Environment Agency suggest waste accepted at landfills increased in 2015

Data released by the Environment Agency (EA) indicates an increase in the amount of waste being accepted at landfill sites across England in 2015, despite fewer authorised landfill sites being in existence compared to previous years.

On Friday, October 28, the EA published its summary of ‘Waste management 2015 in England’ report, which includes date and statistics regarding the following information:

EA's latest figures suggest landfill sites accepted more waste in 2015

Source: Environment Agency. EA’s latest figures suggest landfill sites accepted more waste in 2015

The date suggests that 43.9m tonnes of waste was accepted at 343 landfill sites across England in 2015; this is an increase of 2.6 tonnes compared to 2014, when 41.3m tonnes of waste was disposed of at landfill sites.

This is the first year since 2011 that waste to landfill in England has increased rather than decreased. The figures suggest every region in England excepting the North West, London, and the East Midlands sent more waste to landfill that in the previous year.

Waste sent for incineration also increased in 2015, despite more waste also making its way to landfill sites. A total of 10.4m tonnes of waste was received by incinerators in 2015, compared to 8.6m tonnes in 2014.

This would suggest that more waste was produced in 2015 compared to 2014. This assumption seems to correlate with the EA’s figure for total waste tonnage managed across the country in 2015, which stands at 91.1m tonnes compared to 187m tonnes in 2014.

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