MPs call for Environmental Protection Act amendment

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The UK Government should renew the Act in light of the promised ‘Brexit’

A cross-party group of MPs have called on the Government to implement a revised Environmental Protection Act in reaction to the UK leaving the European Union.

The MPs claim a ‘Brexit’ could lead to harmful environmental protection practices in the UK if the Government does not renew the Environmental Protection Act.

MPs call on government to intrude new Environmental Protection Act

House of Parliament. MPs call on Government to renew DPA. Photo: © Copyright David Dixon

This view was shared in a report titled ‘Future of the Natural Environment after the EU Referendum’ published on January 4 by the House of Commons’ Environmental Audit Committee.

According to the report, environmental protection regulations imposed by the EU have positively moulded environmental laws in the UK. The Committee claims that 80% of Britain’s environmental regulations have come directly from the EU.

The UK Government has already stated it would implement a Great Repeal Bill following a successful ‘Brexit’, which would result in the country keeping the environmental regulations imposed by the EU.

However, the Committee believes this is not enough and that, without EU legislation to control the regulations, the environmental protection practices in the UK will gradually be ‘eroded’.

To prevent harmful environmental practices from developing in the future, the report says the government should produce and implement a new Environmental Protection Act during Article 50 negotiations and should also maintain “collaboration” with the EU to handle “cross-border environmental issues”.

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