More household waste to be recycled in Edinburgh

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Edinburgh City Council are boxing clever in a bid to save cash and at the same time encourage more households to recycle.

Edinburgh Waste

It has been proposed that red and blue box collections should be replaced by a single wheelie bin, which will take nearly all recyclable goods, such as paper, cardboard, mixed plastics and metals , which would then be separated at the depot.  Glass, textiles and batteries would be placed in a separate box next to the bins, and these items would be collected at the same time.

The current process of collecting different receptacles on alternate weeks is also likely to come to an end under the plans due to be considered by Edinburgh councillors.

All those with a green wheelie bin – about half the population – would be affected by the proposed new system, although the council is also considering looking into investing in more on-street recycling for those living in tenements.

The council must hit a Scottish Government target of recycling 50 per cent of all waste by 2014. At present, the figure is around 35 per cent.

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