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Minimise Office Waste in 10 Easy Steps

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Waste reduction can have many benefits for today’s offices. Waste minimisation can save you thousands on waste disposal, office costs and more, not to mention increasing your storage space. What’s good for your business can also be good for the environment too. Waste reduction can have countless benefits on the environment, for example reducing levels of pollution and climate change. While you are saving your company lots of money, the green reputation your business can earn in the meantime can’t hurt. Corresponding with clients electronically and sending out e-letters will establish your image as a green company.

So if you are looking for quick ways to minimise your office waste whilst maximising time and efficiency, read on.


1) Get the most out of what you already have: before you rush off to buy eco supplies for your office, finish using the disposable materials that you already have – such as disposable cups and plates and buy reusable ones once they have run out. Don’t throw out all your disposable materials in the name of waste reduction, it does more harm than good.


2) Go paper-free! for example, try and send memos etc. over the internet rather than printing them out and wasting ink and paper.


3) Reduce paper waste: we understand that going paper free is not an easy goal for everyone. If this is not possible, then there are other ways to reduce your paper waste. For example, get the most out of paper by printing on both sides and using scrap paper instead of sticky notes to jot things down. Reduce page margins on your computer settings. You could also allow internal documents to be circulated with minor hand corrections rather than redrafting and printing a new documentations. To be even greener, you could opt to print on alternative paper such as paper made from hemp, cotton or bamboo.


4) Set up a complete waste management system: organise containers to separate paper waste, dvds, general waste etc. If you would like to take this to a professional level to save your company time and money, please feel free to contact our friendly team of waste consultants for some free and helpful advice.


5) Get creative: Think of clever ways to reuse things you already have. You can shred documentation and use it as packing material, or you could try and turn something into a mug!  


6) Save ink! There are many ways you can save ink – some tips to start with are printing only using the draft or fast setting on your computer.


7) If you have to buy something new, buy recycled items: there are plenty of places you can buy recycled office furniture if you are in need. You could even buy recycled copies and faxes – or recycled ink cartridges. Another good alternative to going paper free is buying only recycled paper, if you make it a policy in your company you could greatly improve your eco-karma-levels and boost your green rep.


8) Look for efficient alternatives: Instead of offering paper hand towels in washrooms, install air dryers. Buy sugar and cream dispensers to save on the paper and plastic packages. Research clever alternatives to water coolers that need frequent water deliveries – try reverse osmosis water filtration systems.


9) Stop Faxes: You can sign your office up to the Facsimile Preference Service (fps) to stop receiving unwanted faxes, and reduce paper waste.


10) Get Your Staff On Board: Organise staff training to get them to think about waste. You could introduce strategies to make waste reduction easier, like placing a recycling bin next to the printing station.

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