Metal recyclers want specific fire guidance regulations

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Metal recycling sector will join with the EA to produce specific fire prevention guidelines

The British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) is to meet with the Environment Agency to discuss the implementation of fire guidance regulations that specifically target the metal recycling sector.

According to the BMRA, there has been ‘intensive conversations’ between itself and the Environment Agency (EA) in recent months to propel the introduction of a specific set of fire guidelines that meet with metal recycling practices.

British Metal Recycling Association to meet with EA to produce fire guidelines

Metal recycling sector wants specific fire prevention guidelines. Photo: © Copyright Vieve Forward

As a result of these initial discussions, the BMRA and the EA will begin working together to create the new guidelines in February.

All firms operating within the waste sector must produce a Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) which they present to the EA for approval. The FPPs are designed to reduce the risk of fires occurring at waste sites.

In March 2015 and again in June 2016, the EA released a set of rules for waste firms to follow when producing their FPPs to increase the chances of them being approved. These rules include storage distances, stacking, and time frames for storage.

However, some sectors of the waste industry, including wood and tyre recyclers, were concerned the regulations would be harmful for their operations.

The Wood Recyclers’ Association has already confirmed it will be working with the EA to develop a set of fire guidances appropriate for the wood recycling sector. Now the, metal recycling sector has announced it will also be working with the agency to address the FPP issues.

The BMRA said: “Whilst BMRA welcomes the publication of the Environment Agency’s revised fire prevention plan (FPP) guidance, there remain a number of key aspects that present particular challenges for the sector… Supplementary guidance produced for the metals recycling sector will complement and clarify aspects of the Agency’s guidance…”

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