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The EU’s Environment Committee has voted for a recycling target increase of 5%

The Environment Committee for the European Parliament has this week voted in favour of increasing the EU member states recycling target to 70% by 2030.

The proposed increase will form part of the EU’s Circular Economy (CE) package, which is currently under negotiations and is due to be formally released within the next two years.

Italian MEP Simona Bonafè addressed the Environment Committee via audiovisual technology on 24 January to discuss a number of proposed amendments. Following the discussion, the MEPs were obliged to vote electronically.

Amongst the amendments was the proposal to increase the previously proposed municipal waste recycling target from 65% by 2030 to 70% by 2030. The amendment received support from the MEPs and will be discussed further at the Plenary session in March.

Before the proposals can be accepted into European Union law, the legislation but first be approved by EU ministers.

According to the EU Environment Committee, increasing the recycling target by 5% will encourage faster adoption of a circular economy in order to meet the 70% target.

Other amendments voted in favour of included the requirement of separate waste collections for biowaste, wood and textiles, and the rewording of the definition of the end of the recycling process as stated in the CE package.

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