McDonald’s to team up with James Cropper plc to recycle paper cups

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Cumbria-based paper factory to work with McDonald’s to recycle paper cups

McDonald’s restaurants across the UK are to work with South Lakeland company, James Cropper plc, who will recycle the paper cups which the fast food chain ordinarily wastes.

The paper cups, which are used by food and beverage companies up and down the country, have until now been deemed unrecycleable, due to the polyethylene-coating that is applied to them. Recently released figures suggest that 2.5 billion paper cups are wasted each year by the British public, ending up in landfill or in incinerators.

And, with the growing love for on-the-go coffee in Britain, this figure is only going to increase. Which is why McDonald’s has stepped up to the plate and has taken responsibility for the waste that its products seemingly encourage.

McDonald's and James Cropper to recycle paper cups

James Cropper Plc, Kendal

James Cropper, a paper mill based in Kendal, will take delivery of the used paper cups, collected from McDonald’s restaurants throughout the UK, and will put them through its state-of-the-art paper recycling plant; the recycled material will then be used to produce new paper goods.

Richard Burnett, market development manager at James Cropper, commented: “The partnership with McDonald’s has been nearly two years in the making and signifies an important step towards recycling used paper cups and, ultimately, reducing waste going to landfill.”

The new partnership is to be trialled initially at 150 McDonald’s restaurants in the UK and, if the collaboration proves successful for all those involved, the scheme will be implemented at more of the chain’s 1,250 restaurants.

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