Mars, Inc. confectioner boasts zero-waste factories

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Confectionery giant Mars is celebrating achieving zero-waste at all of its 126 worldwide factories

The global confectioner Mars, Inc., has announced its has completely eliminated waste from all of its 127 factories across the world.

The news was reported in the company’s Principles in Action 2015 report, which was published last week and details the firm’s sustainability and waste figures for the year.

The report highlights the importance of the zero-waste trend which is being adopted by companies across the globe to create a responsible and sustainable business framework that is environmentally friendly.

In 2007, Mars created 146,000 tonnes of waste at its factories, all of which went to landfill sites. This is enough waste to fill over 7,000 wagons.

This is in stark contrast to the figures from 2015, which show that Mars diverted all of its potential waste from landfill and sent it to be reused or recycled instead.

Mars, who owns such brands as Twix, Dolmio, Pedigree pet food, and Wrigley chewing gum, also reported a greenhouse gas emissions reduction of 26% since 2006.

Barry Parkin, chief sustainability officer at Mars, commented on company’s waste success: “We have made significant progress toward making our operations truly sustainable over the last five years.”

The sustainability report also discussed the positive impact of Mars’s Mesquite Creek wind farm, located in Texas, which created enough energy in 2015 to supply its US factories with 100% of the power required for operations.

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