Manufacturing & retail industry could avoid food waste by 50%

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Only 18% of eatable food waste was re-distributed last year

A new study by the waste advisory body WRAP, has discovered that over half of the food waste that is generated within the manufacturing and retail areas could be avoided.

They revealed that out of the 1.9 million tonnes of food waste that’s generated within theses two sectors, around 56 per cent was preventable and that in 2015, only 47,000 tonnes of eatable food waste, out of a total of 270,000 was redistributed, only 18%.

The report found that a large amount of this food waste was either used to generate energy, or was being burnt.

WRAP study finds industries could do more to reduce food waste

An infographic produced by WRAP

The report by WRAP also predicted which sub-categories within the manufacturing and retail industries were generating the most food and drink waste that could be avoided.

The top sub-category was dairy products, which produced 200,000 tonnes, with fish, meat and poultry following closely behind with 160,000 tonnes.

WRAP thinks that food waste could be reduced by following a few simple steps; prohibiting it from being generated, finding ways to redistribute edible food waste to the people who need it and by turning waste that is not fit for human consumption into animal feed.

By following the above steps, the 1.1 million tonnes of unnecessary food waste, created within the manufacturing and retail sector, could be reduced by 42%, which on the whole means a 23% reduction in food waste.

The waste advisory body predicts that £300 million could be saved by 2025, if we learn to avoid food waste at the very beginning.

Chief Executive from the food redistribution charity FareShare, Lindsay Boswell said: “WRAP’s report confirms what FareShare has been saying for some time; that hundreds of thousands of tonnes of good, surplus food could be saved from waste each year and redistributed to charities to feed vulnerable people.”

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