Manchester council considering slimmer residual waste bins

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Residents could be given a smaller residual waste bin to help reduce waste production

Councillors for Manchester City Council are to decide if it will introduce a new residual waste caddy for residents, which would be 100 litres smaller than the current residual waste bins that are provided by the council.

Greater Manchester currently operates a four-bin household waste system; a blue bin for cardboard and paper, a green bin for food and garden waste, a brown bin for commingled recyclables; and a grey residual waste bin with a capacity of 240 litres.

Manchester City Council considering reducing the size of residual waste bins

Manchester City Council wants to reduce the size of residual waste bins

From August 1, 2016, the recycling officials for the council wants this latter grey bin to be replaced with a 140 litre bin. However, Manchester City Council councillors must first approve the move in a vote on June 21.

According to a report produced by the recycling officials, and presented to deciding councillors, slimming down residual waste bins across the district will help the city council save up to £2.4 million in 2016, as disposal costs will be significantly reduced.

Additionally, Manchester recycling officials expect savings of up to £250,000 on its Viridor Laing contract, which is also up for a ‘major review’, as spending on the contract has gone over-budget by £2.5 million, according to the Waste Leaders’ Task Group.

Greater Manchester hopes that by introducing a smaller capacity residual waste bin, householders will change their consumption and waste habits and step up their recycling efforts.

However, the report from the recycling officials suggests that waste collection “rounds will need to be rebalanced” and even increased in some areas and reduced in others.

The proposal comes as Greater Manchester’s neighbouring councils, including Rochdale, Bury and Salford, have introduced a three-weekly collection service in the hope of reducing waste production and cutting council costs.

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