London councils encouraged to set up commercial waste services

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London Business Waste & Recycling partnership could benefit London councils

The London Business Waste & Recycling organisation has called on London councils to introduce commercial and industrial waste services.

At the London Conference 2016, London Business Waste & Recycling (LBWR) announced a partnership initiative which aims to encourage local authorities in London to run their own commercial waste and recycling services in order to reap the financial benefits from an “unexploited market”.

At the conference, Antony Buchan, Head of the Resource London organisation, told the crowd that operating services within the commercial waste sector could create enough revenue for London councils to counteract the “12% cuts in core funding”.

London councils should reap benefits of commercial waste services

London councils should offer commercial waste services, says LBWR

Mr Buchan, who has the support of WRAP and the London Waste & Recycling Board, highlighted the advantages of the proposal for London councils, businesses and residents; as the profits gained from commercial waste services could be used to implement and improve other services.

According to figures from Mr Buchan, businesses in London create 4.6 million tonnes of commercial waste per year and these businesses spend around £500million every year on waste management services.

The proposed partnership would enable councils to work together with LBWR, who said it would be “creating an umbrella back office for managing a commercial waste service for London boroughs.”

Mr Buchan claimed that the partnership would also help London councils reach the 50% municipal recycling rate which is expected by 2020. At London Conference 2016, Mr Buchan said that 9 London councils, including Hounslow and Southwark, had already shown a keen interest in the partnership.

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