Local Council Ban Glitter Cards From The Recycling Bin

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Torridge District Council in North Devon has told residents that bright wrapping paper and glittery cards is prohibited ‘with immediate effect’ Instead homeowners must directly take it to a recycling centre themselves as at present paper and glittery cards don’t make premium quality recycled products

Torridge District Council in North Devon has told residents the waste will no longer be taken as portion of the Green Bag recycling collection scheme that is picked up from houses that were previously left outdoor.

Residents who’ve until now sorted through their rubbish and left it out on the sidewalk for collection will soon be required to drive to a recycling plant should they need dispose of exceptionally coloured wrapping paper or glittery cards.

Present paper is also frequently coated with foil or plastic that makes it impossible to recycle for some chips.

Greeting cards, ribbons, bows and sticky tape are from time to time still attached, and these can damage recycling machines.
The council said that if residents continued to contain wrapping paper and cards in the recycling totes it’d have to be sorted in the storehouse, although it would not be inflicting fines in householders at this point.

Richard Haste, Recycling and Waste Supervisor for the council, said: ‘We very much regret this decrease in stuff that may be collected at kerbside, that has been pushed upon us by changes in accessible reprocessing facilities.

‘While we always make an effort to add stuff to the recyclable list with batteries and electrical items that are little, this enforced change is some thing neither the Council or South Molton Recycling have some control over.

‘We’ll continue to research the marketplace for merchandises that are new to recycle and where collections are introduced by possible under the kerbside procedure.’

Last week it was disclosed that council leaders elsewhere were left red faced after a leaflet encouraging recycling couldn’t itself be recycled.

However a footnote said: ‘This isn’t recyclable.’

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