Litterbugs on UK motorways cost taxpayers £5m per year

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A total of 332 sacks of rubbish filled every day at a cost of £40 each

Clean-up roadside teams are filling up an average of 332 sacks with rubbish every day from around 4,300 miles of UK motorways and A-roads, costing an estimated £40 per sack.

Since 2013, the total amount of sacks of rubbish collected is 364,000, meaning a total cost of £14.5 million.

Roadside litter clean-ups cost motorists £5m per year

Roadside litter clean-ups cost motorists £5m per year

Auto Express magazine, who acquired the information from Highways England, have said that the startling figures are only the tip of the iceberg, as Highways England are only responsible for cleaning up our motorways and A-roads and if you took into account all minor roads, the total cost would be much higher.

“Car litter louts are a needless menace who cost the country millions, spoil our environment and put workers’ lives at risk.” AA President, Edmund King OBE, said to Auto Express.

He added: “There is no excuse for tossing out litter. Car occupants should bag it and bin it.”

In January 2014, Highways England published a ‘Litter Strategy’, in an effort to help reduce the amount of roadside litter. However, since the publication, collection rates have increased – 139,952 sacks were filled with litter from 2015 to 2016.

The project manager for Highways England, Michael Hoult, says that their contractors collect huge amounts of roadside litter each year and would prefer to spend their time carrying out important and much needed maintenance work.

He went on to say that litter thrown onto the sides of roads can be hazardous to workers, drivers and to wildlife and urges motorists to keep a bag in their vehicle to place rubbish in, which can be taken out and put into their wheelie-bin when they get home.

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