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Kettering Council launches new clothing recycling scheme

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Roadside collection introduced by Kettering Council to tackle clothing waste

It’s that time of year again! People up and down the nation are pulling on their marigolds ready for the yearly spring cleaning ritual. The old is getting the boot, ready for the new; and the spring birds and blooming golden daffodils are inspiring the ever-optimistic British populace to clear out their wardrobe and clean up their BBQ.

In anticipation of this major clear out, Kettering Council has announced a new Clothes and Textile Recycling Service, which will make recycling your old garments much simpler this season.

According to the council, hundreds of tonnes of clothing and textiles are thrown away each year in the district. At the moment, most of this goes to landfill sites or to incinerators, costing the council money and damaging the environment.

However, Kettering Council want to change the way things are done. The council will collect clothing and textiles twice yearly, with the first collection taking place throughout April and May. Residents will be supplied with a yellow tag and bag, which they are to fill with any unwanted clothing or textiles.

The bag should be put outside with your blue bin on your next recycling collection date. Kettering Council will then send the unwanted items to a processing factory, where the good will be sorted from the bad. Any items that are still in good shape will be reused, while the worn out materials will be recycled and used for other purposes.

Brendan Coleman, Head of Environmental Care at Kettering Borough Council, commented: “This new service is aimed at capturing these materials and saving money.”

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