Kent County Council to continue waste ‘risk sharing’ scheme

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‘Risk sharing’ partnership to continue between Kent council and Viridor amid plunging commodity prices

Kent County Council has confirmed it will continue its waste partnership with Viridor, which is contracted to process the county’s municipal recycling waste.

The contract between Kent County Council and Viridor has been in operation since June 2014. Viridor collects approximately 60,000 tonnes of recycling from households in West and Mid-Kent each year.

The waste firm then takes the recycling waste for processing in Crayford, south east London, where its materials recovery facility (MRF) is located. Once the recycled waste is processed, it is sold and profits (and losses) are shared between Viridor and the council.

The partnership has been described by both parties as a ‘risk sharing’ initiative, as the current unstable commodity market adds an element of risk for all firms working in the recycling industry. However, Viridor has developed a scheme which means its shares the risk with Kent County Council.

The new contract will come into effect in July and is to last for two years. A two-year extension following the end of this period is also on the cards.

Kent County Council announced the news alongside last year’s recycling figures, which show that the council and Viridor worked together (with environmentally-conscious residents, of course) to successfully recycle 45% of the municipality’s recycleable waste, which surpasses the council’s target for the year.

Chris Jonas, of Viridor, commented of the continued partnership: “By working together we are able to increase the amount of material that Kent recycles by using a state-of-the-art MRF and also increase the amount of high-quality recyclate entering the manufacturing sector in our ever more circular economy.”

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