IKEA UK celebrates zero waste to landfill year

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The global furniture giant IKEA reveals a successful waste year

The Swedish furniture retailer IKEA UK has revealed it hugely successful waste record for the previous year; the company’s British division announced a zero waste to landfill year for 2016.

For the first time since IKEA UK launched 32 years ago, the retailer has achieved the impressive milestone of sending zero percent of its commercial waste, generated across the UK, to landfill sites. Instead, IKEA recycled its waste to use in the production of some of its products.

IKEA UK celebrates sending zero waste to landfill sites in 2016

IKEA achieves zero waste to landfill in 2016. Photo: © Copyright Philip Halling

IKEA UK recorded sales of £1.7 billion in the UK in 2016. The company has 20 stores located throughout the country and 5 collection points. More stores are currently in the construction and planning phase. Globally, IKEA has 340 stores spread across the world. In 2016, the retailer made profits of £4.2 billion.

In IKEA’s recently released sustainability report, the company said it was now viewing its waste as an extra source of revenue. The recycled waste is now being used in the manufacturing of many of its products, including the ever-popular Billy Bookcase, which now contains IKEA’s waste cardboard.

The plastic film used as wrapping during the transportation of the retailer’s products is also being recycled and used in the production of other types of products.

Joanna Yarrow, head of sustainability for IKEA in the UK and Ireland, said that waste operations were costing the firm up to £1 million a few years ago, but the company is now profiting from its waste, despite operating on larger scale today.

Ms Yarrow added: “We’ve turned waste from a cost to a resource. The next step is not just about recycling, but it’s about using waste in our own operations.”

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