HSE carries out waste sector health and safety review

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Waste sector businesses are encouraged to take part in HSE new health and safety inspection survey

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The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched an online survey for the waste industry as it reviews the health and safety legislation in place for the inspection and examination of equipment and work plant.

The survey targets all business sectors but includes the waste industry, all firms involved in which are encouraged to participate in the health and safety survey and to share their experiences with equipment and work plant inspections carried out by the HSE.

HSE are reviewing current legislation surrounding the following health and safety regulations:

The health and safety body hopes the survey will reveal to what extent current legislation “support[s] proportionate approaches to work equipment inspection”.

HSE are to assess the information garnered from the survey and implement any improvements on work plant and equipment inspection legislation that it views are proportionate to a business’s individual circumstances.

A spokesperson told LetsRecycle.com that the survey is there to assess if current inspection and examination regulation is ‘fit for purpose’ in all business sectors.

He added: “The types of work equipment used in the waste and recycling industry are within scope of the review so we hope equipment owners and users in the industry take the time to respond to the survey.”

Following on from recent fatalities within the waste industry, Rick Brunt, head of Agriculture, Waste and Recycling at HSE, said that the sector has much room for improvement despite the UK’s excellent health and safety record.

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