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How to recycle your Christmas tree

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It’s that time of year again, where the festivities are behind us and we are faced with the debates over what to do with the leftovers of Christmas. None more so than the yearly debate over what to do with the Christmas tree. Do you hide it away out of sight and out of mind? Or do you decide that it’s lived a long enough life and it’s time to part ways – but how and where should you get rid of it? Drive along any street right now, and there are forlorn-looking trees which some councils won’t take in their rubbish carts

So, look up to see if there are any local schemes in place to help you recycle your old Christmas tree. For instance, one man in Esher is dedicating his time to chipping down unwanted real Christmas trees in return for a small donation towards a local charity. This is a great scheme to help solve the issue of getting rid of your tree, as well as helping out a worthy cause.

Many councils hold drop off points where you can take your old tree to go for recycling. These can be easily looked-up for your local area online. As well as having drop off centres, your local council may apply schemes where they can pick up your unwanted tree as they would along with your rubbish or recycling collection, such as they have in Southampton. This should also be available to find out on your local council’s website. As we’ve already said, this varies by the council, so there’s a chance a dead tree may be on your front lawn for some time.

Once collected, your old tree can be recycled in an environmentally-friendly way. They can be made into peat-free soil conditioner, which can go back onto the ground and benefit the environment. They can also be chopped down for firewood and woodchip.

There is plenty which can be done to recycle your old and unwanted Christmas tree, which can benefit the environment as well as giving you more space within your home. Most councils will have schemes in place so get in contact with them to find out what you can do to recycle your tree.

And then comes spring – and what are you going to do with all that garden waste

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