Landlord and holiday let waste collections

As a landlord, you undoubtedly have many responsibilities to juggle and important tasks such as waste management and removal may slip your mind. Effective waste management and collection is essential for a landlord to ensure your property remains safe and sanitary and your tenants are happy.

Here at Business Waste, we can help you with your holiday rental and Airbnb waste collections. We cover all areas of the UK and provide a specialist self catering waste management service specific to holiday homes and holiday rental properties.

What type of waste does a landlord have to manage?

What options are available for a landlord to dispose of their waste?

If a landlord is left with a large number of cardboard boxes, either from a tenant or from ordering new household items for their property, they may wish to consider a front end loader or a baler. This will ensure the boxes are disposed of safely and do not take up space in the rental property.

Should the landlord be left to dispose of the tenant’s general waste, they must ensure they do so safely. For example, an old toilet may be considered unsanitary and should be disposed of as soon as possible away from the property, such as in a skip. Equally any leftover food should be removed quickly to prevent it from rotting and compromising the sanitary condition of the property.

What’s vital to remember is that any holiday let is a commercial business, and as such you have to follow the rules and regulations associated with being one. One such obligation is the removal of commercial waste as outlined in The Controlled Waste Regulations of 2012.

This law stipulates that you are responsible for the safe storage of all commercial waste, including food waste, waste for recycling and waste that is to be placed in landfill. Your waste collection service provider also needs to be authorised to collect and safely dispose of such waste.

What happens to each type of waste when it is collected, can it be recycled?

Cardboard waste, once collected, will either be compressed by a bailer and recycled or simply recycled in smaller quantities. Commercial waste left by tenant’s that is still in good quality, such as furniture, can either be donated or re-sold. Commercial waste that needs to be disposed of will either be sent to a landfill or disposed of in another safe manner. If a large amount of metal needs to be removed from a landlord’s property, if a kitchen renovation is taking place, for example, the metal can be taken to scrap metal processors and recycled.

Waste collections for holiday lets

There are so many benefits to using a holiday let waste collection service. One huge benefit is its flexibility. This means you can organise extra waste collections in the peak holiday period and you can even organise a collection before changeover day. It really is a service that works for you and your holiday home business, whether that is a property or campsite.

Tips on reducing landfill waste for holiday lets

As a holiday let owner you can encourage your guests to reduce the amount of waste that will end up in landfill. This can be achieved by simply providing a range of waste bins for them to use when in the home. Encourage them to recycle paper, cardboard, and plastics.

It is also possible to convey a green living image by encouraging your visitors to reuse bottles, to buy glass bottles as opposed to plastic, and to use reusable coffee cups when going out for the day. Place signs around the holiday let to remind them about recycling their waste when possible.

Food waste can also be recycled, collected and disposed of by a waste collection service. Certain types of food waste can also be used in the holiday let’s garden. For example, coffee grounds can be used in soil and some food waste can be placed in a compost bin.

Organising your rental properties waste collection

Business Waste can help you to organise your holiday let waste collection with ease. We already serve many Airbnb holiday homes and can help you too. To learn more about how we can help you and your holiday rental, please do get in touch with us today.

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