Green Neighbours Project helps children understand recycling

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The government is constantly trying to find new ways of making people understand the importance of recycling, with children being a particular target as it is this generation that will grow up to make a real difference.

It would appear that one such scheme in Devon has really paid off.

Children in Eastney have been attending a workshop where they are tasked with redesigning old recycled clothes so that they can be worn again.

Members of the Green Neighbours Project believe that it not only informs and educates children about the importance of reusing all things and recycling, but also brings out any flair, passion and talent that they may have for costume design.

It proved such a big hit that the group followed up by organising an evening when children, between the ages of eight and fourteen, had to make their own music using old pots and pans.

Because the evenings have been so successful, many more places will surely follow suit and educate youngsters about the importance of recycling the fun way.

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