Grants received by councils from the DCLG left unused

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Only 27 out of 46 local authorities who applied have implemented an initiative

According to Greenredeem, only 27 of the 46 local authorities who applied for a grant from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), have put into action any incentive schemes as of yet.

Greenredeem, the recycling incentives company, has been researching the impact that incentive schemes can have and discovered that 19 local authorities who did receive a grant, decided to wait, instead of using their grant on an incentive scheme that has yet to prove itself.

A £5m fund was made available by the DCLG in 2014 to any council that collects residential waste on a weekly basis, so that they could encourage householders to recycle more and recycle correctly.

Greenredeem, who launched in 2009 and were originally known as Recyclebank, say that its study has shown that long-term investment in incentive schemes does produce positive results, compared to quick-win incentives, which are more often than not unsuccessful.

A number of local authorities who decided to develop their own incentive schemes, have ended up failing to reach their recycling growth rate target, says Greenredeem.

As part of their study, the company looked at the behaviour of more than 2m recycling kerbside collections over a two year period.

What the results showed is that members of Greenredeem recycled two times more. Figures revealed that members recycled around 19.35kg each time they placed their recycling on the side of the road for collection.

It also found that Greenredeem members put their recycling out on the kerbside more often than non-members – 2.5 times per month compared to 1.29 times and non-members only recycled around 9.01kg.

Director of marketing and communications at Greenredeem, Rob Crumbie, said: “Creating communities and bringing people together works, supported and underpinned by a communications platform that makes recycling and reuse part of the everyday.”

“There is no need for local authorities to attempt to reinvent the wheel by going it alone. To hit recycling targets, they need to look to proven methods of incentivising sustainable behaviour changes.”

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