Gloucestershire Council launches Christmas recycling initive

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Gloucestershire Council has launched a campaign to get people recycling more over the Christmas period. According to figures, people triple their household waste over the festive period and the council is looking to get this figure down considerably by educating people and launching initiatives

The ‘Christmas Recycling Campaign’ is to be marketed in schools with the aim of educating children about the importance  of recycling and allowing them to pass the message onto parents. The council believes teaching the younger generation will help to create a more greener society in future years.

The scheme will see children bring in plastic bags, card and other similar items and the school will provide recycling bags to place the materials into; children with then be given stickers for the amounts they bring in.

It is believed if the scheme is a success, it will be rolled out into other schools and could see sports equipment and other goodies offered as incentives for people that bring in lots of recyclable materials.

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