Glasgow to fine those who don’t recycle

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Glasgow residents need to step up their recycling habits if they are to avoid being fined. Glasgow City Council has announced that they will give out fixed penalty fines for people who refuse to recycle their waste.

According to the council, many people are ignoring the advice and rules about recycling , with the result that more and more waste is being sent to landfill. The council say that as well as penalising offenders in the form of a fine, they will also educate them about the importance of recycling.

The news has received mixed views. Some residents believe that it is a good idea as it will get people to think more about the environment, with some even saying that there is nothing to worry about if you recycle already. Others, however, have said that it is just another ploy to get more money out of people.

Whatever the feelings behind the idea however, one thing is for certain, recycling figures are likely to rise in Glasgow, which can only be a good thing.

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