Glasgow homes to get bins for recycling food waste

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Glasgow is stepping up its fight against landfill. From Monday 43,000 homes across the city will start being supplied with bins for recycling their food waste.

It is a bold move aimed at slashing the estimated 80,000 tonnes of food from city households that currently goes into landfill.

The pilot scheme will see each kerbside property receiving a 20-litre grey wheelie bin for left-over food, while tenements will share a 140-litre bin and multi-storeys a 500-litre bin.

Glasgow RecyclingThe Scottish Government has introduced the Waste Scotland Regulations 2012, which requires local councils to provide householders with a waste food collection service by 2016. By 2020, there will be a ban on any food waste going into landfill.

When the new grey wheelie bins are collected the contents will be taken to a specialist centre and turned into agricultural fertiliser and energy that can be sold to the National Grid.

The £880,000 funding for the pilot project has been provided by Zero Waste Scotland.

The scheme will be monitored before being extended to the remaining 255,000 homes in the city.

Tony Boyle, the city council’s head of cleansing and waste management, stressed people who add waste food to their compost heaps are encouraged to keep doing so.

He said that what they had found from other local authorities was that having a waste food collection scheme made people think about how much they are buying and never using, and that leads them to stop buying so much, which, in turn, saves them money.

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