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Glasgow council under fire for food waste recycling system

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Maryhill Councillor, John Letford, said they need ‘to sort out’ their ‘procedures and processes’

Residents in Glasgow’s Maryhill district have said that the council’s new food waste recycling scheme is attracting unwelcome vermin to the streets and has caused an unbearable fly infestation.

Glasgow City Council introduced the new food waste recycling initiative on April 4 this year. As part of the scheme, the council is installing food caddies at city tenements and apartment blocks throughout the city. The first roll out is taking place in the north west of Glasgow and is expected to be completed in July.

Glasgow residents not happy with council's food waste system

The issue has become a particular problem in Latherton Drive, in Wyndford

Residents are encouraged to dispose of any food waste, including meat, diary and vegetables, into the new food waste caddies using the bin liners provided by the council.

However, according to residents from Wyndford, in Maryhill, the food waste bins are not being emptied often enough by the council and are therefore causing a heap of trouble.

One Maryhill resident, who has lived in the area for 45 years, told that the caddy lids are no longer able to close because of the sheer volume of waste food inside. And, as warmer temperatures sweep across the UK, the stench of rotting food is now enveloping the area.

The backlog of food waste is also causing a serious fly infestation and residents have reported an increase in the number of rat sightings.

Maryhill Councillor, John Letford, of the Scottish National Party, confirmed he has received a number of complaints from locals. Mr Letford said that more needs to be done, including a ‘weekly uplift’ of the waste, to stop the area becoming an attraction of ‘rat restaurants’.

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