“Give and Take” a success for Norfolk

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A recycling event held in Norfolk has proven hugely popular and has led to unwanted household goods being spared from being dumped at landfill sites.

The ‘give and take’ recycling event, which is run by South Norfolk Council, saw people from the south of Norwich turn up to  in Mulbarton with more than 500 electrical items to donate.

Rough figures show that the event was a massive success. Well over 400 items were recycled and more than 50 taken away for re-use in a new home.

It is not the first time this event has been held – there have been a few other occasions – but every one of them brings more and more success, much to the delight the councillors who helped to organise it. One councillor said that the events held so far had seen nearly

4,000 electrical items, weighing more than thirty tonnes, either recycled or reused.

This success story is more than likely going to persuade other councils into offering the same kind of event, as each and every authority looks to reduce landfill waste and improve recycling.

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