Food Waste Collection

For any business or organisation that serves or sells food, such as cafés, restaurants, residential homes, and supermarkets to name a few, the proper disposal of large amounts of food waste is a necessity. Recent changes in the law have been implemented with the overall aim of dramatically reducing the amount of food thrown out by both domestic residences and businesses, and as such food waste can no longer be disposed of in a general waste bin without the risk of a fine.

At Business Waste, we can provide a range of food waste disposal services for your business, no matter your requirements.

These services include;

Food Waste Bin

As you might expect, we have a wide range of wheelie bins available, ranging from 120-litres to a more substantial 660-litre unit (which would be ideal for cafés or restaurants) all of which are constructed from thick and sturdy plastic. These units are all compliant with regulations that food waste must be placed in bins that can be sealed (cleaning up after a fox has been through your bins is never a pleasant experience), easily cleaned, and colour-coded to clearly signify its purpose. These bins are complimentary and you, as a business owner, will only have to pay for the collection.

Food Waste Collections

At Business Waste, we can offer you a complimentary Waste Audit, where we will assess your needs and find the right bins and disposal method for your business whilst also dealing with all the legal guidelines to save you headaches as well as time and money if you were to do it yourself – this is our specialty after all! With coverage all over the UK, we will collect your food waste weekly and leave you with absolutely no mess to clear up.

Food Waste Disposal

Currently, food refuse is primarily dumped in landfills where it contributes heavily to the output of harmful methane gas into the atmosphere. This is something that goes against one of our core aims as a company, which is to help reduce the environmental impact of business waste. One key way in which we go about achieving this is through aiming for zero percent of collected waste to be dumped in landfills. With food and other organic waste, we would aim to dispose of this waste through large-scale composting.

If you dispose of your waste through us, you’ll know that it is being handled in an environmentally conscious and responsible manner.