Food recycling scheme launched in Scotland

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A council is Scotland is looking to introduce a recycling trial for residents living in tenement blocks. As of next year, West Dunbartonshire Council wants to expand its food recycling service in a bid to cut back on waste that is sent to landfill.

The expansion should be rolled out in Dumbarton and the Vale at the beginning of 2013. As of February next year, the new food waste only collection service will begin on a weekly basis and will include nearly 4,000 households in the aforementioned areas. If the trial goes well, it is hoped that this will become a permanent project to boost recycling rates.

The council is already providing a garden and food waste recycling service to the majority of households in Dumbarton, but recycling numbers needed improving further and it is believed this trial will help with that target. Funding for the trial has come from Zero Waste Scotland. Two extra jobs will also be created.

Before the project starts, each household will be given a small kitchen caddy, a supply of compostable bin liners and a wheelie bin which they will share. For residents who are concerned or who have questions about the proposals, the council has said that they will be receiving an information pack that will detail everything about the service.

If the trial is successful, the service will be offered in other areas.

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