Fly-tipping and violent crime

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Fly-tipping has been on the increase in the UK for many years now. Whether it’s rogue traders who are unwilling to pay landfill tax, or people dumping dangerous waste they don’t want to take through the official channels, it seems as if many are getting involved. Not only is fly-tipping incredibly bad for the environment, and illegal, but some individuals turn violent when they’ve been caught red-handed and are faced with the prospect of unlimited fines. What happens then?

Recently there have been a few incidences in the news, where fly-tipping offenders have been making the headlines for their violent outbursts. Afraid of getting caught, some people are turning to extreme violence to escape confrontation, making the whole situation spiral out of control.

One such incident occurred in Staffordshire recently, when a group were caught by a local man, Peter Shenton, while dumping asbestos in a lane. The youths turned on Mr Shenton when he confronted them, and charged their vehicle at him. Mr Shenton courageously jumped onto their bonnet and clung on for dear life, as they sped off trying to shake him off the vehicle. Shenton eventually had to surrender, and was lucky to be unharmed, however the culprits are yet to be caught.

Another violent incident which was due to fly-tipping happened just off a lane in St. Albans. Four CCTV cameras were damaged by a man who appeared to be using an air rifle to shoot the cameras down. The cameras had not long been installed in the area, to help prevent the problem of fly-tipping. However it would appear that this man decided that for him to be able to happily continue fly-tipping, the cameras had to go. So he took matters into his own hands without regards to the safety of others in the area by using an air rifle.

It just goes to show, some people will go to such extreme lengths to cut-corners to try and save a few quid, and that their only concern about what they are doing is potentially getting caught. By turning to violence, these people act above the law, and pose a much greater threat to the safety of the general public.

By putting a stop to fly-tipping, the volume of violent attacks related will also decrease, making the country not only cleaner, but safer for everyone. Government proposals to quadruple the basic fines for fly-tipping can only be applauded, but will it just make the culprits even more determined to escape justice?

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