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Five MPs volunteer to trial new Sainsbury’s food waste app

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Sainsbury’s new food waste app ‘Winnow’ to be tested by five MPs

Mary Creagh, chair of the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC), is one of five MPs who are to test a new food waste app developed by major British supermarket Sainsbury’s.

MP Mary Creagh will join fellow volunteers Conservative MSP and Shadow Cabinet Secretary for the Environment Maurice Golden; Scottish National Party’s Margaret Ferrier; Green Party Northern Island Leader Steven Agnew; and Conservative MP Mark Pawsey in the trial.

Sainsbury's food waste app to be trialled by five MPs

Sainsbury’s are to invest £1m in reducing food waste throughout the UK

The ‘Winnow’ app is part of Sainsbury’s Waste Less, Save More food waste reduction programme. The app is to be used as a type of smart meter for householders who want to track their food waste and cut down their shopping costs.

Thus far, Winnow has been used in commercial kitchens but Sainsbury’s has now developed the app further for home use.

Initial trials carried out by six homeowners showed average savings of £268 were made as a result of using the app to weigh and record any food waste. According to Sainsbury’s, these homes witnessed a 68% reduction in food waste whilst using Winnow.

The app uses Sainsbury’s product prices to analyse how much money an individual has wasted by throwing away food.

The new trial involving the five MPs will last four weeks. Sainsbury’s will then analyse the data and release the results in the New Year.

Paul Crewe, head of sustainability, energy and engineering at Sainsbury’s, said: “Winnow’s brilliant because it not only highlights the cost associated with food waste, but challenges you to beat your own records.”

He added: “When it comes to food waste we’re a nation in denial, frequently underestimating what we throw away. Thankfully this trial can really hammer home the amount of food going in the bin, which is the first step to making a change.”

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