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Fife traders face financial strain due to new recycling charges

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New recycling centre charges coming into effect across the UK are affecting small businesses and traders

Business owner’s across the country are facing a new challenge as local authority recycling centres change their rules and pricing in order to cover their costs, much to the financial detriment of honest traders.

New such rules are to come into force across Fife’s household waste recycling centres from October 3 this year. Resource Efficient Solutions, the firm which operates Fife Council’s recycling sites, has announced that pricing will change for traders and business owners who want to use the sites for disposing of commercial waste.

At present, those wanting to use Fife’s recycling centres for commercial waste can buy a season pass for £500. This system will now be scrapped from October, as Resource Efficient Solutions says this fee does not cover the costs involved in collecting, transporting and reprocessing the waste from commercial users.

Fife business owners are concerned about the effects the new recycling centre charges will create

The Lochhead recycling site in Dunfermline will still be open to commercial users

Additionally Fife business owners will be restricted as to which recycling centres they can now use. From October 3, only three sites will be available for commercial use. These dedicated Commercial Waste Centres will be:

From October 3, traders visiting the above Commercial Waste Centres will be charged per visit and according to the materials they are recycling.

The new charging system to come into place in October is as follows. (Prices are per visit):

One Fife business owner, landscape gardener Alex Anderson, told, that the new pricing system will result in a price increase of 3100%. Mr Anderson estimates that his current waste costs of £500 per season will now rise to £16,000 per year, as a result of the new prices set by Resource Efficient Solutions.

Mr Anderson wrote a letter of complaint to Resource Efficient Solutions but was offended by the firm’s reply, which claimed that it had been therefore “subsidising [Mr Anderson’s] business to the tune of £16k” if that was how much it will cost him to dispose of his waste going forward.

Resource Efficient Solutions also said there was “anecdotal evidence that unscrupulous commercial operators” and that the current system is costing them “£500,000 per year more than we recover in income from legitimate business”.

Many people fear the new pricing system will only lead to an increase in fly-tipping across the scenic district, as traders and business owners attempt anything to survive the new financial burden.

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