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Britain is running out of landfill. But what happens when a county such as Devon actually fills its last landfill site?

It’s not a problem we all think about, when we mindlessly chuck out rubbish out for collection, but where does it all end up? As a consumer nation, the downside is that we throw away a staggering amount of rubbish, and our landfill sites are taking the full force of it. But what are we going to do when we run out of landfill sites? The time to consider the answer to this question has come, with landfill sites quickly filling to bursting point, and action is needed straight away.

Recently, Devon County Council have announced that they are facing the possibility that in 6 years time, they could run out of space in all their landfill sites. With time running out, schemes are being put in place so that next year, only 12% of Devon’s rubbish will be going to a landfill site. Most of the rubbish will be recycled, reused, composted or sent to energy-from-waste facilities.

Food which is still within its use-by date often ends up in a landfill site, but the Devon and Cornwall Food Association aim to stop this. They plan to redistribute tonnes of good food amongst those who need it the most, in food banks and shelters. This can help to reduce the sheer volume of waste going into our overflowing landfill sites.

One thing we can all do to help is to stop and think before throwing something into your general waste bin. Try to recycle as much as you possibly can, it’s far better for the environment in so many ways than just binning it, and it really does not take up much of your time.

Many County Councils provide recycling bin schemes, for items such as food, plastic bottles, cans and paper; all of which being collected from your doorstep, and there are similar directives and schemes for businesses. If something is still in good order, why not consider giving it to charity, instead of chucking it in the bin? Reuse is so much before than burying your waste in a hole in the ground

These habits are easy to get into, and can save the environment, as well as saving your local council money which could be spent in other much-needed areas.

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