Every Caerphilly resident to be visited by a food waste officer

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The county council plans to visit every Caerphilly household to discuss food waste recycling

Caerphilly County Borough Council has announced plans to dispatch a team of 12 council waste staff to every home throughout the district to discuss and encourage food waste recycling.

The plan is part of the council’s “Is yours a food waste sin bin?” campaign, which aims to increase food waste recycling throughout Caerphilly.

The team of 12 waste council officers will visit each and every one of Caerphilly’s approximately 80,000 homes between August 1 and September 30 to discuss food waste and recycling with residents.

Caerphilly council to send a waste officer to every household to discuss food waste

A tweet from Caerphilly council announcing the plans

Householders will be asked if and how they are recycling their food waste and given tips on how to increase recycling volumes. The council team will also advise residents on which food waste products can be recycled and the correct way of doing so.

Caerphilly council estimates savings of £200,000 annually if they can successfully encourage every household to recycle its unwanted food, including vegetable and fruit biowaste.

The council operates a weekly food waste collection to prevent rotting food from sitting around outside homes for longer than necessary.

In May this year, council officers surveyed 7,000 homes throughout Caerphilly to find out how many residents on average recycle food waste. The results from the survey suggested that an average of 38 per cent of Caerphilly residents actively do so.

The team of 12 council workers will be wearing official council attire and will be carrying a council badge. They will also be supplying residents with a free food waste caddy, if required.

Cabinet member Nigel George commented: “We estimate that close to 7,000 tonnes of food waste is currently being placed in green general waste bins and that if every household participated in recycling food waste, the council could save nearly £200,000 a year which could go towards protecting other frontline services.”

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