Eurostat releases waste generation figures by EU country

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Each EU citizen produced 475kg of municipal waste in 2014, according to Eurostat data

The European statistics body Eurostat has released data showing the average waste generated per citizen in each EU member state, as well as the recycling rates of each EU country and the amount of municipal waste sent to landfill.

The data makes for interesting perusal for those who want to analyse the UK’s waste performance compared to other EU countries. According to the official figures, each EU citizen produced 475kg of municipal waste in 2014, which is a 10% reduction on previous years.

Eurostat releases EU waste figures

The data has been released by EU statistic body Eurostat

The UK came in at just above average, with each UK citizen generating 482kg of municipal waste in 2014. This figure places us joint 12th (with Finland) out of the 28 EU countries.

According to the collated date, Denmark generated the most waste per person in 2014, with each citizen creating 759kg of municipal waste. Cyprus is the second largest waste generator in the EU, with each person producing 626kg of waste in 2014.

Romania and Poland generated the least amount of municipal waste in 2014; the latter producing 272kg per person and the former 254kg.

The statistics also reveal a successful EU recycling story; according to the data, 44% of municipal waste was recycled in the EU in 2014; this is compared to 17% in 1995. The UK recorded an above-average recycling rate in 2014, with a figure of 45%, but Defra has confirmed a 0.7% drop in recycling for 2015.

In correlation with the increased recycling rates, is a decrease in the amount of municipal waste being sent to landfill. 66 million tonnes of EU waste went to landfills in 2015; this is an impressive 54% drop compared to 1995, when 166 million tonnes of waste was landfilled.

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