England creating more waste despite recycling efforts

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Figures shows that England is creating more waste and recycling less

The BBC has found that some councils in England have recorded an increase in the production of household waste while recycling rates have also been dropping, as experts lay the blame on “green fatigue”.

According to figures analysed by the BBC, almost 60% of councils in England are reporting an increase in household waste being sent to landfill and incinerators, despite the government claiming that “significant progress” has been made in an effort to tackle the country’s waste management.

England councils notice household waste increase

Household waste production has increased throughout England

It is Swindon Council which has noticed the biggest increase in household waste production, with a staggering 30% rise from 463kg annual average household waste to 602kg. This has coincided with a 9% decrease in the amount of waste being recycled by households.

What might be surprising then, is that Swindon Council is sending less waste to landfill. According to a council spokesperson “three-quarters of all household waste in Swindon is now either recycled or processed through our own RDF plant (in which pellets made from waste are incinerated) to generate sustainable energy.”

The annual average household waste produced by residents across England has risen to 558kg from 551kg, which was recorded in 2012/13. Experts have said that the increase is partly due to people buying more now that the economy seems to have fully recovered following the 2008 financial crisis.

Households on the Isles of Scilly produce the most waste of anyone in England; the average household waste there is 1,242kg per year. A Isles of Scilly Council spokesperson, Tom Walton, said that despite “unique challenges” the council is “starting to turn the waste issue around.”

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