Dorset Waste Partnership accused of “cutting corners”

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Lyme Regis Council and Dorset Waste Partnership at loggerheads over Monmouth Beach waste services

Councillors in Lyme Regis have criticised the Dorset Waste Partnership for allowing waste to build up at the caravan and chalet park at Monmouth Beach.

Lyme Regis Town Council have been in talks with Dorset Waste Partnership in an attempt to find a suitable solution for all, however, an agreement has yet to be reached.

Controversy surrounding waste services at Monmouth beach

Controversy surrounding waste services at Monmouth beach

Chalet and caravan owners at the Monmouth Beach site have had their individual waste collections cut to a communal collection of two larger bins every two weeks. This has led to a constant build up of waste, with the bins overflowing and bags of rubbish being left at the side.

Dorset Waste Partnership blamed the service change, from kerbside collection to communal collection, due to a change in waste collection vehicles, which would struggle to manoeuvre through the caravan and chalet park.

The caravan/chalet owners pay council tax and expect a better service for the money they pay to the council. Lyme Regis Councillor Derek Hallett said that Dorset Waste Partnership are “trying to cut corners” and that it does have “smaller vehicles” which would do the job.

Dorset Waste Partnership suggested constructing a waste compound on Monmouth Beach car park, which would be enclosed and offer enough space for more bins, but the council said this would result in the loss of two car park spaces, costing the council £1,008 per year.

There are also concerns this could cause environmental issues, including a fly or vermin infestation. Councillor Anita Williams believes the suggestion is not viable and that: “DWP need to come back to us with another option.”

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