Dorset recycling changes lead to fly-tipping increase fears

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Residents across Dorset are concerned that recycling bank closures will result in more fly-tipping

Dorset County Council has been warned by its residents that the proposed recycling bank closures and recycling centre charges will lead to an increase in fly-tipping throughout the county.

The proposal to scrap 20 recycling banks has been labelled “disgraceful” and “unacceptable” by residents and Sherborne Town Council, which described the move as “a retrograde step”.

The recycling ‘bring banks’ that are being threatened are located throughout the county of Dorset, including four in and around Weymouth. These recycling banks are usually situated in large carparks and are emptied by the council waste service team on a regular basis.

Dorset residents warn about fly-tipping increase amidst waste changes

Recycling banks, like this one Witchampton, are to be scrapped by Dorset County Council

Dorset County Council blamed the proposal on a decline in use and the abuse of such recycling banks by trade men and businesses, who use them to dispose of commercial waste despite waste regulations stating that businesses must dispose of their waste using a licensed waste carrier.

The Dorset Waste Partnership said the council would save up to £90,000 per year by closing the banks, which have seen a 77% decrease in use since 2011.

To coincide with the bank closures, Dorset County Council is to introduce recycling centre charges from September 1 for certain materials being taken to council operated household recycling sites, including soil and rubble.

Residents and town councillors fear that both measures will lead to an increase in fly-tipping around the area.

According to the figures, there has been a steady increase in the number of fly-tipping incidents reported throughout the year. Between July and September 2015, there were 55 recorded incidents and, between April and June this year, a total of 122 incidents were reported.

Councillor Kate Pike commented on the bank closures: “For people who live in houses in the centre of town the county council’s recycling provision is a very poor service indeed… Many people will now face a long trudge to the tip, which will result in an inevitable increase in fly-tipping. It really is a disgrace.”

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