Dinas Powys shopkeepers angry for “minor” waste offence fines

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Shop owners “distressed” by the actions of waste enforcement contractors during the festive season

Shopkeepers in the Vale of Glamorgan village of Dinas Powys have spoken out about their outrage after receiving fines of over £2,000 for “minor” waste offences committed over the Christmas period.

Business owners operating in Dinas Powys have had their Christmas ruined by the threat of punishment for committing environmental waste offences which they claim are “minor” issues that have come about because of the busy Christmas rush.

Shopkeepers in Dinas Powys outraged by unfair waste fines

The owners of Valley View Fruit Store (pictured) were fined £300. Photo: © Copyright Jaggery

The Vale of Glamorgan council has contracted the services of security and enforcement firm, 3GS. The firm has been handed the task of enforcing waste regulations and punishing those who do not abide by the rules with a penalty fine.

Five shop owners in the village claim to have been unfairly threatened with a fine from 3GS. The owners of Valley View Fruit Store, Janice and Tony Mapstone, said they were working in their shop on December 16 when a member of the 3GS enforcement team entered and handed them a £300 fixed penalty fine.

The fine was because Mr and Mrs Mapstone had failed to ensure their backyard, used for the storage of small amounts of commercial waste, was not securely locked. Other businesses have been fined for leaving single black bin bags of waste in the wrong places.

Paul Buttivant, managing director of 3GS, commented: “3GS officers visit commercial premises across the Vale to enforce environmental legislation.”

He added: “These officers are empowered to issue fixed penalty notices where offences have been committed by business owners who fail to ensure waste is stored or disposed of correctly and or fail to hold the correct documentation with regard to waste collection.”

However, Vale of Glamorgan MP, Alun Cairn, was less than impressed by the reports, claiming to be “disturbed” by the draconian punishments.

He said: “If there were no prior concerns about waste reported to the council, and this transpires to be an opportunist attempt to issue as many fixed penalty notices as possible, I will be very annoyed indeed.”

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